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1.When WORDS r not enough...
2 EXPRESS ur feelings...
Dont think u r
in LOVE...
u just NEED to


English SPEAKING Course.
2.We never get what we want,
we never want what we get,
we never have what we like,
we never like what we have,
still we live, still we be,
this is life.
1 advise:Take care.
1 request: Be ur self..
1 wish:Don"t 4get me ever!
1 lie:I hate u..
1 Fact:I can't stop thinking about u...
I can't stop love with u...
4.Santa ke ghar ladki ne janam liya.

Banta: jab ladki badi hogi to ladke chhedenge.
Santa: Maine iska intzam kar liya Hai
Banta: kya?
Santa: iska naam DIDI
5.Legs utha k karo. Tange faela k karo.
Ghuma Ghuma k karo. Aage piche DONO TARAF kro.
Jitna karoge utna HALKA Mahsoos hoga.

6.Today i was cooking chicken
When i added Hara dhania
Guess wat happened?

Chicken start dancing & singing

Hum pe ye kisne hara rang dala..
( c '===o

( c '=======o

( c '===o

( c '=======o

aachaaa he naak hai
8.Plz dnt msg me
Now v wil stop r frndshp.M sory 4dis,bt u hv realy hurt me.Dnt ask y.Thanx 4 evrything.Bye

i read dis msg in smbdy's cel
so bad na!!
Arguing wid Girls is like wrestling wid PIG in mud.
After sum tym u'll realise dat u r getting dirty,
but d PIG is actually enjoying.
10.Girls psycho-
Fraud Wt Innocent Boy
Fun Wt Handsome Boy
Friends Wt Charming Boy
Contact Wt Studious Boy
Flirt Wt Freaky Boy
Love wt Faithful Boy
n Marriage Wt Rich Boy!
11.Gud Unrdtsndng Btewne Ech Ohtr Is Rael frndshp!!
Eevn If We Hve So Mny MsiUnrdsatndsg Lki Tish Msseag,
Btu i Konw U Cna Raed me WtihOtu Msitkae!
12.Reverse dynamics:
When a man becomes rich he becomes naughty & when a woman becomes naughty....
she becomes rich.
13.Dosti najro se ho use kudrt khate hai,
sitaro se ho to jannat khate hai,
husn se ho to mohbat kahte hai,
dosti aap se ho to use kismat khate ha
14.Always try to be d reason of sum one's happiness & never be just a part of it..Always try to be a part of sum one's sadness & never be the reason for it.
1 sawal ap ke liye,Mujse Dosti Karoge?
aap ka jawab bhi film ka naam hi hona chahiye.
sab ko bhejo aur dekho kya kya javab milte hai.
16.A pig & pigi go 2 a resturant Pig ordered:
1malai potty,1shahi potty,1kadai potty,1potty mxd veg
& thn pigi say:
plz pyaz mt dalna bdbu ati ha
17.God picked up a flower n dipped it in dew,
he lovingly touched it which turned into you,
and gifted it to me and said, ' this friend is for you.
18.Angry boss: Tumne kabhi Ullu dekha hai?
Executive (sar jhukate hue): No sir.
Boss: Niche kya dekh rahe ho ? Meri taraf dekho
19.Which is d 27th letter of English alphabet?

R u lukin 4 d answr?
Shaabash kehre schoolon pade ho?
20.Birds+sky= lovely Day. forest+animal= Nature's gifts. Stars+night= Romantic night.
You+your smile=
Hai RABBA tusi vi na bus dara hi dende ho...
Lady to punjabi inspector-
ji mera pati 5 din pehle
gobhi lane gaya tha
abhi tak vapis nhn aaya
te hor koi sabji bana lo.
22.In a marriage daler
mehendi to sardar:
Bhai kini der gawan?
Sardar: Bas do ek gaane ga de
fer taan sharabi sardara
ne generator di awaaz
te hi nachi jaana hai.

be4 scroling down

Ans is 1! Remember 1st Line

Don't Complicate Simple Problems in life...
24.Kya meri shakal choohe se milti hai?
kya meri naak hathi jaisi hai?
kya meri aankhen langoor jaisi hain?
Fir usne kyon kaha ki meri shakal tumse milti hai?
25.If i disturb U

I Am Sorry!

But i Need

To Say



26.Rakhi Sawant
goes to L.I.C. office
to Insure her "LIPS".
The L.I.C. offcer
'Sorry madam,
we dont cover
public property...
Santa: mai sher ka
batcha hu daruga nahi.
banta: thek hai pehle
ye bata sher ghar
aya tha ya mummy
jungle gayi the
28.Tumhara muskrana har roz ho,
Kbhi chehra KAMAL to kbhi ROSE ho,
100 pal khushi to 1000 pal mauj ho,
bas aisa hi din mere Dost ka HAR ROZ HO.!!!
29.Why r Dr.'s
impossible to read?
Cause they al have
the xclusive msg
only 4 the chemist.
(Maine patient ko
loot lia hai ab
teri bari)....
30.Dur jab gaon mei
maa bap sote nahin
to bacha kahta hai
maa so jao nahin
to ak aur bacha
aa jayega.
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